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Sell-outs on Pogo Sticks


This is my reaction to the current state of affairs in Washington DC.
This piece can be viewed in any direction by turning it to a new vertical orientation, just like the sell-outs in Washington DC from any political viewpoint.
Any subtle references to current or past denizens of the current White House are purely intentional and coincidental.


14 x 11, matted size



Sell-outs on Pogo Sticks

  • COPYRIGHT: Eric Wallen the artist retains the sole right to reproduction of the image and use of the image for promotional purposes. Art collectors may prefer to keep their ownership private if the image is published. Please let me know if this is the case, because some periodicals and books include the provenance of artwork unless specified otherwise.

    SHIPPING: Depending on the size, destination, and duration of shipping, shipping charges may vary and are added to the cost of the piece as per customer's preferred way of recieving the work.

    SALES TAX: CA sales tax is collected at 8.25 percent if sold online to residents of CA.

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